CXR Hot List

CXR Hot List Color Commentary

The Hawaiians once again capture the top spot, thanks to Adam Santarone of the Windward Chess Club. Adam scored 5 out of 6 at the 11/11 tourney for a net gain of 84 rating points! FM Boris Privman’s exploits included a win against GM “Iron Man” Yudasin on November 9th at the New York Masters, earning him 2nd place with a +62 gain. Hawaii’s Bradon Ogata captured 3rd spot with a score of 4 1/2 at the 11/11 Veterans Day tourney.

Derek Tu

Derek Tu nailed 4th spot for Fremont, California. The Success Chess player racked up +49 rating points in his second consecutive appearance on the List, moving up from 8th spot last month!

Now here’s a strange turnabout: FM Asa Hoffman loses to Rafal Furdzik, rated just under 2200, in the New York Masters Tournament, and then, in the very next round, defeats GM Gata Kamsky, rated over 2700! and with the black pieces yet! Asa netted 41 rating points for the month, putting him in 5th place.

Michael Flores of Windward Chess Club earned 41 points to take 6th position for Hawaii, while New York’s FM Alex Lenderman, with 40 points, moves into 7th. Success Chess of Fremont, California gets 8th place, thanks to Akash Mody who scored a major upset victory. Jonathan Gottehrer worked a similar miracle in New York, upsetting an opponent rated more than 400 points higher. Jonathan earned 34 points to put him in 9th spot.


An amazing four-way tie for 10th place occurred, as three Hawaiian youngsters — Christine Choy, Tristan Kaonohi, and Robert Lau — pulled up dead even with GM Alek Wojtkiewicz (currently the TOP RATED CXR player, at 2829), each having a 31 point rating gain for November. Robert Lau, who topped the 11/11 tourney with a perfect 6-0 score, moved up “only” 31 points because with his near expert status, he was favoured to beat his lower-rated opponents. GM Wojtkiewicz has the same “handicap”, as everybody else in the database is rated lower than he is.

Another tie puts both Daniel Macalino and GM Kamil Miton in 14th place. Danny put in a good performance against strong opposition in Hawaii’s 11/11 tourney. GM Miton, rated close to 2700, had 5 wins, 2 draws, and 1 loss for November. The only loss was to GM Yudasin; Miton beat GM Stripunsky twice; he scored a win and a draw against GM Nakamura, and defeated both Furdzik and Treger. Not a bad month!

We are seeing many new faces on the Provisional Hot List, but the same face in first place. Daniel Ho of Success How to Play Chess scored a 154 point rating gain with another major upset. Will Daniel repeat again in December? It’s possible … we heard Santa say “Ho Ho Ho!” Another Success story is Adarsh Mody, back on the Hot List, in 2nd place this time, at +130 points.

The Joplin Elementary School Chess tips and tricks Club makes its debut on the List, as James Key swept a 5-round speed tourney at this Chicago scholastic club. Racking up 104 rating points with a perfect 5-0 score, James holds 3rd position on the Provisionals’ List, and is clearly destined for more victories.

Three youngsters from Hawaii captured 4th, 5th, and 6th positions. Kevin Erick (Windward CC) scored a +102 gain. Anthony Lo (Maryknoll CC) gained 95 points, and William Chen (Windward CC) was up 93 points. All three had very strong showings at the Veterans Day Tourney.

Yash Vema extended his winning streak into November and took 7th spot, followed by Rishabh Jha in 8th. Both are students in the Success Chess program in California.

Windward CC

Reid Shintaku (Windward CC) captures 9th position, followed by fellow-Hawaiian, Cameron Whalen (Maryknoll CC) in 10th. Chicago’s Quavell Mayo and Donte Evans (both of Joplin Elementary) hold 11th and 12th slots. Rounding out the November List are 3 more Hawaiian students: Cohen Char (Le Jardin Academy), Jaren Shigeta (Windward CC), and the mysterious “Zf Xf” (Assets School). Assets School is using code names at this time, for added protection of the children’s privacy. If, at some point, the young Zf Xf attempts to enter a major tournament, he (or she) will need to come up with some pretty interesting photo ID.

Barring any last second corrections, these results are essentially final.

Kudos to our new affiliates, whose students are showing some real chess muscle.