Roulette is a casino game called after the French word meaning “Small wheel”. The history of the Real money roulette online began in the 17-18th century, when it appeared in Europe. It is supposed to be invented by the French mathematician and explorer Blaise Pascal, during his research for a perpetual motion machine.

The ancestor of the roulette games is originated from a combination of several other games: the English Reiner, Ace of Hearts, Roly-Poly, an Italian board game called Hoca and Biribi, and the previously existing French roulette board game. The roulette started its amazing carrier in Paris in 1796. That variation already consisted of the same elements than the one we play today. The only difference was that the zero was red on the boards and double zero was black. Later the color of the zeros changed to green.


In the 1800 a two brothers, Francois and Louis was working on a new roulette variation to decrease the house edge. They made the first roulette table with one single zero in 1842. Later they left France because gambling illegal there and they moved to Germany. The single zero roulette was proven to a big success because of the 2,7% house edge comparing the 5,4% house edge of the double-zero type roulette wheel. For the invitation of Prince Charles the 3rd of Monaco, Luis Blank arrived to Monaco and began to set up the rules of the casino games like £150 Roulette System that are used today in the casinos all over the world.

Although both the one and double zero versions are originated from France, the double green zero variation is called American roulette, because this type of roulette get really popular in the Unites States.

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